Sell Cutting and Rewinding machine

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1. designed speed :1100 pieces/minute
2. production speed: 1000 pieces/minute
3. power: 380V 60Hz
4. machine power :80KW (exclude hot melt applicator power) (set temporarily)
5. waste rate: <=2%(excluding the reason caused by the hot melt applicatorsbreakdown and re-feeding the raw materials)
6. overall size of the equipment (excluding the crusher) : 18m X1.6m X2.5m (L x W x H) (set temporarily)
7. weight of the equipment:
8. specification of the product: 155 (set temporarily) fast-easy type of package
II. Specification of the raw materials:
1. top-sheet non-woven fabric: diameter<=600mm, g/sqm>=18
2. colored non-woven fabric: diameter<=600mm, g/sqm>=18
3. back side P. E FILM : diameter<=500mm, g/sqm>=24
4. PACKING FILM: diameter diameter<=600mm, g/sqm>=28
5. air-laid paper: diameter<=600mm,
6. wooden pulp : diameter<=1200mm, width<=510mm
III. Basic processing equipment:
1. Teeth type crusher: It can deal with treated, semi-treated, untreated fluff. The feed-in volume of fluff pulp can be controlled by step-less button.
2. Moldwheel device
3. three-piece type of top-sheet
4. short-cut unit on colored non-woven fabric
5. embossing unit: two sets, different embossing patterns
6. round-seal unit: two sets, different embossing patterns
7. Adding unit for release paper on the center part, the length is decided by customer
8. out-cut unit: knife material is of Cr12MoV, the knife shape is designed by customer.
9. The unit for turning in 180 degree.
10. The vacuum-absorption turning in 90 degree unit
11. Making same interval unit
12. Folding unit
13. The unit for adding easy tape.
14. press-cut unit on small package (air-cylinder pressing) . The length is decided by customer.
15. Frequency speed-regulator for Main motor
16. Collect-dust system
17. stacker
IV. Other equipments:
1. Nine sets of BST rectifiers: two sets on hydrophobic N. W and one set for hydrophilic, one set for top-sheet, colored N. W, air-laid paper, P. E film, small package, backside paper each.
2. Auto re-feeding system: eight sets. They are on hydrophobic, hydrophilic (or perforated film) , colored N. W, air-laid paper, P. E film, small package, fast-easy tape.
3. Auto tension control system: six sets, unwind-material on the centre, adopt servo system. They are on hydrophobic, hydrophilic (or perforated film) , colored N. W, air-laid paper, P. E film, small package.
V. Electrical appliance and others:
1. Main driving frequency regulator, PLC adopts MITSUBISHI.
2. SIEMENS low-voltage electrical appliance
3. Habsit flat belt
4. Japan bearings NTN OR NSK
5. Japan UNITA synchronous belt
6. Japan Omron temperature controller
7. Taiwan XINYI electric-heat units
8. Taiwan AIRTECH pneumatic unit
9. Germany MERCOTEC mercury electric-ring
10. Germany BOSCH REXROTH servo control system
VI. Auxiliary equipment: (prepared by customer himself)
1. Four sets of NORDSON hot melt applicator from U. S. A
2. BST rectifiers from Germany
3. air compressor
VII. offer for the equipment:
1. USD300000.00
2. The offer does not include air compressors.
3. The offer is FOB XIAMEN price.
4. Terms of payment: Referring to other relative document.
VIII. Spare parts:
1. One set of outer-cut knife (with knife frame standing )
2. One set of flat-cut knife
4. Other wearing parts
5. Operation manual and electrical circuit drawing