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Introduction :

CV. CITA DIMENSI was incorporated in 2000. This set up includes a factory production facility with trained employees and design department, which enables improvements for customers design requirements. We use modern technology to speed up production capabilities and to integrate higher quality product output.
All of production planning, producing and shipping coordinated in Indonesia.

Company fundamentals:

CV. CITA DIMENSI was set up to achieve this long term goal. Our core corporate objectives are :
A. Protection of our clients productdesigns.
B. Timely delivery.
C. Excellent quality and workmanship.
D. Reliable after sales service.

Our client portfolio include the US , Australia , South-Africa and we are very keen to enter the Europe market.
Based on our market research and feedback from our previous and current customers and suppliers, there are few competing companies that can match our quality and service.

Principal Activities :

Product Development
We develop and design quality lifestyle furniture products made of solid wood
High Quality Solid Furniture Production
We manufacture high quality solid wood furniture at a cost advantage by producing in countries with affordable labor and reliable sources of raw materials.

Our Competitive Strengths :

Quality Control
We have an edge over importer/exporters as a result of its control over production, product quality and delivery.
Competitive Cost Advantage :
We have an absolute cost advantage over existing high end furniture manufactures based in Europe, Japan and US as the result of cheaper source of raw material, lower cost for labor and manufacturing.
Strong Design and Development Team
We believe that design and technical skills are important for our sustainable product development and to maintain our competetitive edge. We have been able to outsource a pool of skilled and talented team for this purpose.
Abundance of raw Material
Solid wood is a precious and highly valued material. A critical aspect of CV. CITA DIMENSIs business centers on obtaining quality raw materials.


World furniture production is worth about US$200 billions. Major furniture manufacturers produce about 25% of the total. These furniture companies have headquarters in various countries in Europe, North America and Asia. At the top of the list of leading producers are Italy and Germany, closely followed by the USA, Japan, and the UK, France, Sweden, and South East Asian (SEA) countries.

The Market:

World sales in furniture amount to about 3 trillion US dollars. The market is somewhat varied with consumers preferring a wide variety of styles, designs, quality and prices.
In terms of consumption, the most important market is the US (representing 27% of the market) followed by Japan (15%) and Germany (11%)
The market is relatively linked to conditions of the economy. Concerns of slowing economy affect the market. The market is forecasted to rapidly increase.


Italy and Germany are the biggest exporters in the world. Some countries in Asia such as Indonesia and China are taking advantage of their labor cost and they are forecasted to be strong growth prospect.

Growth in world furniture trade has two determinants. The increasing openness of world markets and the growth in world consumption. The growth in world consumption is partly contributed due to the emergence of hundreds of millions of consumers in developing countries with levels of spending similar to western ones.
Developing countries are potential customers for middle and upper middle range furniture. Based on the extensive input we derive that all product properties support our vision to sell our products at a higher Acceptable Price Range by adding branding and lifestyle features

Branding / lifestyle

CV. CITA DIMENSI believes that there is significant potential for new lifestyle brands providing combined with superior customers service. Leading industry spokespeople name design, value and quality as key factors for the medium and higher end of the furniture market.
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