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Product name: Cyanazine
Chemical name: 2-4- chloro -6- ethylamino -1,3,5- triazine -2- ylamino) -2-methyl propiontrile
Molecular formula: C9H13ClN6
Molecular weight: 240.73
CAS No. : 21725-46-2
Property: Cyanazine is stable in neutral, weakly acidic and weakly alkaline media; hydrolysed by strong acid (pH1) and alkalis (pH 13) to the herbicidally-inactive 6-hydroxy derivative. Solubility in water 171 mg/l, in chloroform 210 g/l, in ethanol 4.5% (at 25C) .
Uses: Cyanazine is a pre and postemergence herbicide for control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. Early preplant, preemergence or postemergence for field corn. Weed control on fallow cropland.
Cyanazine 90% WDG;
Cyanazine 50% SC.
Package: As per customer's instruction.