Sell Cyanoacrylate adhesive FX-6

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"For metal, rubber, plastic
* Model: FX-6 Heat resistance (Ethy-Cyanoacrylate Series)
* Nontoxic, environmental standard.
* ISO 14001 and SGS quality certificate, EU standard, ROHS & REACH registration.
* Characteristics: middle viscosity, used for all metal, electronics, plastic parts and rubber materials. Suitable for the processing unit which can bear 1060C continuous heat and 1400C interim heat.
* Content: ethylic
* Viscosity:200/600 mPA. S
* Cutting strength:15~29mpa
* Cure speed: initial solidify-20s; complete solidify-24hrs
* Relative density: 1.1
* Color: clear
* Packing: 20g/pc
* Store: -60~200C
* Shelf life: 12~24 months

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