Sell Cyanotis arachnoides Extract. Beta-Ecdysterone.90%UV,95%HPLC.

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Product Name: Cyanotis arachnoides Extract. Beta-Ecdysterone.90%UV,95%HPLC. Serie No: S-056
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: MDidea Extracts Professional
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Cyanotis arachnoides Extract. Beta-Ecdysterone.90%UV; 95%HPLC. CAS. NO:5289-74-7. M. F. :C27-H44-O7. Ecdysterone;20-Hydroxyecdysone;20-Hydroxyecdysone; Commisterone; Crustecdyson; Crustecdysone; Ecdysteron; Ecdysterone; Isoinokosterone; Polypodine A; Viticosterone; beta-Ecdysone;

CAS. RN. NO:5289-74-7. M. F. Molecular Formula:C27-H44-O7. Synonyms:Ecdysterone;20-Hydroxyecdysone.2-beta,3-beta,14,20,22,25-Hexahydroxy-5-beta-cholet-7-en-6-one; 20-Hydroxyecdysone; Commisterone; Crustecdyson; Crustecdysone; Ecdysteron; Ecdysterone; Isoinokosterone; Polypodine A; Viticosterone; beta-Ecdysone;

Note:A steroid hormone that regulates the processes of MOLTING or ecdysis in insects. Ecdysterone is the 20-hydroxylated ECDYSONE.

Botanical Source:Cyanotis arachnoides C. B. Clarke
. . . . . . . . Common Names&Synonyms:Zhen Zhu Lu Shui Cao, Lu Shui Cao, Pearl Dew Grass, Cockscomb Ginseng, Cock Claw Ginseng, Great Blue Ear Grass, Cobweb hair blue Ear grass. Ecdysterone, Beta-Ecdysterone, Beta-Ecdysterone, Also known as:ecdisten, ecdysone, isoinokosterone, 20-hydroxyecdysone, Suma, beta-ecdysterone, 20-beta-hydroxyecdysterone, beta-ecdysone, Cyanotis Vaga.

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Ecdysterone Highlights and Potential uses:

Research indicates that Ecdysterone may be useful in the treatment of:

Cardiovascular disease
Catabolism (muscle wasting)
Impaired immune function
Sperm mobility

A Drastic Increase in Lean Body Mass
Increased Endurance
Stimulates Metabolism
Improves Nerve Function and Enhances Erythropoiesis (the development of mature red blood cells (erythrocytes) )
Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar
Reduces Adipose Tissue
Improves Nearly Every Bodily Function Including Brain and Liver
It's Safe and Effective for Men, Women, and Even Teenagers
Prevents the Loss of Muscle Mass while Promoting Growth of Muscle Fibers

More benefit and Functions:

Increases protein synthesis
Improves nearly every bodily function
Stimulates protein synthesis in nervous tissue and increases nerve function
Increases growth anabolicly in vertebrates including humans
Increases total protein and glycogen content in muscles
Increases myofibrilar proteins more efficiently than the anabolic steroids Methandrostenolone, the most potent steroid, Dianabol
Suppresses hypoglycemia while powerfully stabilizing blood sugar levels
Perfect glycemic regulator leading to constant energy and feeling of well-being
Stimulates incorporation of glycogen into proteinaceous tissue such as liver and muscle
Prevents high blood sugar levels and high insulin levels thereby halting fat production
Pushes nutrients into muscle and organ tissue yielding better muscle growth and repair
Possesses potent cholesterol-lowering effect.
Stimulates the phospholipids that are linked to enormous health benefits when stimulated
Lowers cholesterol having a potent hepatoprotective action.
Cell membrane stabilizing properties
Analgestic properties and a potent antioxidative effect
Anti-arrhythmia stabilizing properties.
Powerful anti-inflammatory properties
Positive effect on the skin improving: keratinization, differentiation and acne.
Works against high cortisol levels as an anti-catabolic agent by reducing stressors such as inflammation, preventing cortisol from being released
Vastly increases athletic performance by increasing work capacity, body-weight, lung capacity, and VO2 max while also increasing exhalation of CO2.
Increases lean muscle tissue and reduces adipose content
Reduces fatigue and apathy, yet increases speed and strength
Promotes a positive nitrogen balance and maintains a greater rate of protein synthesis

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Cyanotis arachnoides Extract. Beta-Ecdysterone.90%UV,95%HPLC

Description: Cyanotis arachnoides Extract.
Plant Part Used: Root of Cyanotis arachnoides
Content Standardized: Beta-Ecdysterone.90%UV,95%HPLC
Serie Code: S-056
Expiration Date: 18~24Months in Good Condition
Storage Stock: Bulk in Stock
Pricing Terms: C&F; CIF; DDU; DDP.
Delivery Arrange: Soonest on the Day Confirmed

Appearance Showing: Brown Fine Powder
Extracts State: Fine Crystal Powder
Mesh Size: 100% Pass 80 Mesh Screen
Color: Brown
Odor and Smell: Characteristics.
Taste Sense: Characteristics.
Bulk Density: 0.52~0.54g/ml.