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Cyanuric Acid (CA) is used as disinfectant, bleach, cleanser, or selective herbicide in agriculture, and to make chlorinated isocyanuric acid, paints and coating.
Cyanuric Acid (ca)
Synonyms:1,3,5-Triazine-2,4,6-triol; Trihydroxy-1,3,5-triazine; Trihydroxycyanidine; Tricarbimide
General Description:
Molecular Formula:C3H3N3O3
Molecular Weight:129.07
cas No. :108-80-5
Purity 98.0%min
Moisture 0.50%max
Burnt residue 0.10%max
ph value(1% solution) 2.8
Appearance:Odorless white crystalline powder or granular.
Packing: in 50kgs plastic/fibre drum, 1000kgs jumbo bag, 25kgs/20kgs/10kgs/5kgs bucket/pail, 1kg/2kg tube, or to consumer!/s demand.
1 mt Jumbo bag,
25/50kg plastic/fibre drum
25/50kg woven plastic bag
10kg plstic drum
1kg faucet/anti-thief tube
20kg carton(1kg tube)
20l European drum
10l European drum
0.5l European drum
Supply Capacity
500MT per month