Sell Cycas Revoluta (Sago Palms)

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Cycas Revoluta (Sago Palms) is a very easy care plant. It's very good for indoor and outdoor.

Hourng Hsang Co. , ltd is about 20 years old company in Taiwan. In about 10 years ago we opened another office (farm / greenhouse) .
At the past years, we're only focus in growing pachira and sell them directly to floral broker or who came to our office (farm / greenhouse) to make order. Our customers are coming from Europe, Korea, Japan and U. S
Since we started provide the products, all the customers are satisfied of our products quality and service.
However, in past 8 years we start growing the different kinds of plant in Taiwan and China such as: ficus, alocasia cucullata (Buddha Hand) , zamioculcas zamiifolia (golden tree) , lucky bamboo, agave, cycas revoluta (sago palms) . . . And other Green leaf plants.
Recently we're changing our company's sales network method. We are having our own sales person going to sale our products directly into local floral wholesaler. In this way we can provide better service and lowest F. O. B price to buyer.
We're the Plants of
Bare Root Pachira (Money Tree)
Braided Pachira (Money Tree)
Gin Sen Bonsai
Lucky Bamboo
Golden Tree
Cycas Revoluta
Sago Palms
Alocasia Cucullata
Sanseveria Superba
Sanseveria Golden Hahnii
Heteropanax Fragrans
And other Green Leaf Plant's Grower and Exporter from Taiwan and China. We ship worldwide.
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