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Readily distinguished by the keeled, stiff leaves
with crowded, stiff and narrow leaflets with strongly
recurved or revolute margins and the tomentose
ovules. Leaves deep green, semi-glossy, 50-150 cm
long, strongly to moderately keeled (opposing

leaflets inserted at 70-1200on rachis) , with 100-240
leaflets, orange tomentum shedding as leaf expands;
rachis usually terminated by a spine. Petiole 6-10 cm
long, spines scent 80 to 100% of that length. Basal
leaflets gradually reducing to spines, which is 10-20
mm long. Widely distributed through the Ryukyu
Islands of southern Japan, today primarily on steep
to precipitous stony sites, but previously on flatter
land now cleared. Reports of natural occurrences in
some coastal cities of Fujian Province of China have
not been substantiated, although circumstantial
support for these claims is strong