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Trade Name:Cyhalofop-butyl

Alias Name: XDE-537, DEH-112, Clincher

Chemical Name: (R) -2 - [4 (4 - cyano -2 - fluorobenzaldehyde oxy) phenoxy] - propionic acid

Physical and chemical properties:
The original drug to amber transparent liquid, specific gravity 1.2375 (20 0) , boiling point 363 0, melting point 48-49 0, vapor pressure of 8.8 W 10 (-9) mmHg (20 0) , soluble in most organic solvents in: acetonitrile 57.3%, 37.3% methanol, acetone 60.7%, 59.4% chloroform, insoluble in water, preparations proportion 0.989 (20 0) .

Low toxicity herbicide. Original drug in rats acute oral LD50>5000 mg / kg Acute percutaneous LD50>2000 mg / kg. Stimulating effect on the skin, eyes slightly stimulated. No carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic effect.

Control in Object:
Mainly used for Control in important grass weeds. Cyhalofop not only the daughter of son, a variety of barnyard grass (including older barnyard grass) high, can control them effectively, Digitaria, Paspalum distichum, Setaria viridis, Eleusine, Alopecurus so. Of the sedge weeds and broadleaf weeds invalid.

Drug toxicity to aquatic arthropods, aquaculture sites to avoid the inflow. With some of the broadleaf herbicides may be displayed when the antagonism, showing Cyhalofop reduced efficacy.

Other Formulations: 10%, 15% or 100g / L EC.
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amber colorless
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