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1) Cylinder NO: 4
2) Suitable for: Volkswagan, Audi, Nissan, Mazda etc.
3) Materials: Alloy Cast Iron and Aluminum

Knowledge about Cylinder Head:
The water chamber of the head must be withstood 392kPa (4kgf / cm ) hydraulic pressure test, at least for 3 minutes without any leakage. The head inland with intake/exhaust valve and guide pipe, the head cover is on the top plane, on which there is oil filler. Cylinder gasket is put on the joint between the bottom of the head and the top of the block, it becomes gas sealed chamber under high strength bolts of the head, allow the incendiary gas to push piston acting instead of leak off, meanwhile, it is also has the function of sealing for the circulated cooling water and the pressure oil which goes to the head lubrication rocker mechanism. So it has higher requirement for the seal ability and heat-resisting of the gasket. Compound plate gasket is used in this engine, the edge of the cylinder bore is covered with steel sheet, steel wire retainer is inside, the edges of water hole and oil hole are all covered with copper sheet or have special treatment, which have very good sealing ability and higher life time.
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