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The cylindrical grinder can be mainly used for grinding cylindrical of conical surface parts. Table longitudinal traverse of the product is actuated at infinitely variable speed by hydraulic means or by hand operation. Wheelhead cross feed is provided with rapid approach & withdrawal, manual feed. Workpiece, grinding, wheel, oil-pump, coolant pump are driven separately by their individual motors.

Roundness 1.55m
Uniformity of diameter in longitudinal section 55m
Surface roughness Ra 0.325m
Grinding capacity #200W500,750mm
Grinding diameter
With steady-rest min/max 8/60mm
Without steady-rest min/max 8/200mm
Max. work weight 50kg
Max. grinding length 500, 750mm
Center-line height 135mm
Distances between centers 500, 750mm
Max. grinding length when dressing wheel on tailstock 400, 650mm
Wheel sprindle speed
50Hz 35, 50, 70, 100, 140, 280 m/s
60Hz 42, 60, 84, 120, 168, 336 m/s
Wheel dimensions (O. D W W W I. D) Max. #400W50W #203 mm
Min. #300W50W #203 mm
Wheel peripheral velocity 35m/s
Wheelhead spindle speed 1670 r/min
Wheelhead displacement max. 250mm
Wheelhead rapid advance & with drawal 50mm
Max. long workstable travel 550, 880 mm
Total electric power 5.43kw
Overall dimensions (LWHWW) mm
500mm 2500W1800W1650 mm
750mm 3000W1800W1650 mm
Machine weight 3040, 3540 kg
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