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1. Function:

Cyromazine is taken by chicken as feed additive. Its available composition scattered on chickens excrement evenly after through chickens alimentary canal, it does grub period during flies growth, and prevent flies normal growth from grub to pupa, and then die out the flies.

2. Dosage:

Mixing it into the feed at the beginning of flies season.

Pure Powder (The content>=96%) -- 5g/ton for chicken, 3-5g/ton for cattle and sheep.
Premix 10% -- 50g/ton for chicken, 30-50g/ton for cattle and sheep.
Premix 1% -- 500g/ton for chicken, 300-500g/ton for cattle and sheep.

3. Packing:

Pure Powder--25kg/cardboard drum
Premix 1%--20kg/paper-plastic compound bag
Premix 10%--20kg/kraft-paper bag

4. Preservation period: 24 months
Import Animal Medicine Standard