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Cytisine Other names: Baptitoxine, SophorineCAS: 485-35-8Formula: C11H14N2OFormula weight: 190.24Botanical Source: Sophora alopecuroides L. Appearance: White or slightly yellowish crystalline powderAssay: 98%99%HPLCMelting point: 152-1530C
Boiling point: 218 0C at 2 mmHg
Extract Solvents: Ethanol & Water
Cytisine is a chemical found naturally in plants from the Faboideae family e. g. Laburnum, Cytisus, Genista and Sophora. KING HERBSs cytisine is from Sophora.

Cytisine is a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist, and as a pharmaceutical preparation it is available for the treatment of nicotinism. That is, Cytisine substance has a mechanism of action similar to the effect of nicotine, but with rather low toxicity. It can substitute nicotine substance, which shortens the period of interaction of nicotine with the respective receptors and hence leads to a gradual reduction and elimination of existing psychic nicotine dependence in smokers.

Cytisine derivative varenicline was approved in 2006 as a smoking cessation drug. A 2006 literature review concludes that while trials performed with cytisine itself are mostly of poor quality, there is some evidence that cytisine may be prescribed to aid in smoking cessation

Caution: Cytisine is a pyridine-like alkaloid that can be toxic in high doses. Pharmacologically it exhibits similar effects to nicotine due to structural similarity of the two molecules. In large doses it can interfere with respiration and become fatal.

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