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INPA/EDIABAS, GT1, SSS. (Diagnose, coding / programming) .
Complete support of all blocks of management on all models BMW since 1998!
Supports reports:
1. High-speed D-CAN and PT-CAN (500 kbit/s)
2. Low - speed K-CAN (100 kbit/s)
3. Standard BMW reports (BMW-OBD-interface) .
D-CAN It is used for diagnostics of the following models:
- E60, E61 since 03/2007
- E83 since 09/2006
- E81, E87 since 03/2007
- E90, E91, E92, E93 since 03/2007
- E70 (new X5)
- R56 (new MINI)
PT-CAN And K-CAN it is applied:
For work with blocks of management ? on a table ? without the automobile.
Standard BMW-OBD-interface it is used for diagnostics:
With 1995 for 1998 (except for old blocks of management using L-line) .
With 1998 for 03/2007 years on all models.