Sell D-FB Coaxial Cable(5D-FB, 7D-FB, 8D-FB, 10D-FB, 12D-FB)

D-FB Coaxial Cable(5D-FB, 7D-FB, 8D-FB, 10D-FB, 12D-FB) You May Also Be Interested In: p3 500 rg59 rg6
D-FB Coaxial Cable
5 D-FB: 1.8 BC+ 5.0FPE+ AL-FOIL+ BC BRAID+ 7.6PVC
8 D-FB: 2.8 BC+ 7.8FPE+ AL-FOIL+ BC BRAID+ 11.1PVC
10 D-FB: 3.5 BC+ 10.0FPE+ AL-FOIL+ BC BRAID+ 13.1PVC
12 D-FB: 4.4 BC+ 12.4FPE+ AL-FOIL+ BC BRAID+ 15.6PVC

High Quality:
Smaller size, more flexible, higher frequency, lower loss, easier to terminate

About US:
Professional manufacturer of coaxial cable in China. ISO9001 certified. Supplies RG59, RG6, RG7, RG11, QR540, P3 500, RG8, RG58. . . All kinds of COAX. All products are according to universal IEC standard. We supply high quality product, very competitive price.
Any inquiry will be kindly replied within two workdays.
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Condition of Goods
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15 days
Model Number
5D-FB, 7D-FB, 8D-FB, 10D-FB, 12D
Minimum Order Quantity
1 x 20' FCL
Terms of Payment
T/T, L/C
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