Sell D-Ribose(Syrup content 50-60%)

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Molecular formula: C5H10O5
Molecular weight: 150.13
Description: It is a yellow hyaloplasmic and oiliness syrup.
Quality Standard: Enterprise Standard (See attached table) .
Identification Positive reaction
Clarify >=85%
Specific Rotation[(Alpha) ] -16.50~ -19.50
Residue on Ignition <=0.5%
Heavy Metal( as Pb) <=10.0ppm
Content 50~60%
Package: Net 25kg plastic barrel.
Usage: It is the material used in the synthesis of Vitamin B2(Riboflavin) , Tetra-O-Acetyl-Ribose and nucleoside etc, also used as health product in sports or used as food additives.
Storage and Transportation: It must be stored in the warehouse of ventilation, dry and shady and cool, and cannot be mixed with poisonous. The temperature must be not higher than 300. Transportation is the same as storage