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Product name: D-allethrin
Other name: d-cis, trans-Allethrin
Chemical name: (R, S) -3- ally -2- methy1 -4- oxo cyclopent -2- eny1 -(1R) -cis, trans- chrysanthemate
Molecular formula: C19H26O3
Molecular weight: 302.42
CAS No. : 584-79-2
Property: Clear pale yellow to amber viscous liquid. S. g. /density is 1.0 to 1.02 at 26.5C, V. p. is 0.00012mmHg/30C, B. p/F. p. is 153C at 0.4mmHg/190C. Soluble in hexane, benzene, chloromethane, alcohol, acetone, refined kerosene; dissoluble in water.
Uses: Its vapor pressure is high, and has powerful swift knockdown action to insects such as mosquitoes, flies, etc. It is suitable for formulating mosquito coil, mat and liquid mat. It is often formulated into vaporized liquid and aerosol.
Specification: D-allethrin 93% tech
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Package: Iron drums, 25kg/drum.