Sell D-allethrin

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Common Name : Bioallethrin
Other name : d-Allethrin
Chemical name: (R, S) -3-allyl-2-methyl-4-oxo-cyclopent-2-enyl-(1R) - trans-chrysanthemate
Molecular formula: C19H26O3
Molecular weight: 302.42
CAS No: 28057-48-9
Chemistry Structures:


Description Clear pale yellow to amber viscous liquid
Purity 94%
S. g. /density 1.01
V. p. 0.0056Pa/20 degrees ; 46.7Pa/136 degrees
B. p/F. p. 281.5 degrees /130 degrees
Solubility Soluble in hexane, benzene, chloromethane, alcohol, acetone, refined kerosene; dissoluble in water
Stability Stable under normal condition, neutral, ebb acidic; unstable in strong acidic, alkali condition
Acute toxicity (Rat) Oral LD50 440-730mg/kg
Dermal LD50 5000mg/kg
Inhale LC50 > 2000mg/ m3
toxicity Minimal safe dosage to rats 3875ppm
Irritation None
Toxicity class WHO (a. i. )


It is a potent contact insecticide which produces a rapid knockdown against household pests (housefly, mosquito, lice, roach) and parasites outside dog and cat, or formulated into spray agent against crawlers and fly insects on farm, milk houses and stall.

It has appropriate vapor pressure, ideal for mosquito coil, electric thermal mat and aerosol. The active ingredient dosage is recommended as follows