Sell D1 DVR Card

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Special offer--4 channels D1 DVR Card.

Main function:
1. Compression Standard: Adoption of powerful PNX1500 from Philips, the latest H. 264 hardware compression for video and MP3 audio compression standard, with real time audio monitoring and synchronizing with video recording;

2. Image Quality: DVD quality, preview resolution: 704X576

3. Compression Resolution:
PAL: D1( 704*576) , Half-D1 (704*288) , DCIF (512*384) , CIF (352*288) , QCIF (176*144) ; NTSC: D1( 704*480) , Half-D1 (704*240) , DCIF (512*320) , CIF (320*240) , QCIF (176*112) ;

4. Frame Rate: PAL: 25fps, NTSC: 30fps

5. Network Transmission: Support D1 double stream, narrow band transmission, IE browsing. The network transmission is smooth. Client support 16 channels to play synchronously;

6. Individual Unit 's capacity: Conforms to the PCI 2. 2 standard, support 64 channels DVR system;

7. CPU Occupancy: Less CPU occupation, lower 5% for 16 channels, high efficacious decode, can support 16 channels playback synchronously;

8. Stream Compression: Double stream technology, Main stream local storage, sub stream is applicable for image transmition at the Low bandwidth network, support D1+ CIF, HALF-D1 + CIF, DCIF + QDCIF, CIF + CIF, CIF + QCIF multi combination, it does not influence each other while recording and transmitting at the network;

9. Preset Recording: Record the video frequency by setting frame rate and image quality;

10. Motion Detection: Support Multi-area detection and sensitive detection;

11. Monitoring Function: Real-time monitoring, s ynchronously recording with video;

12. Alarm Function: Multiple interlinked alarm patterns, available for one-to-one or one-to-more interlinked (covering area) video recording; Automatic improving of video quality in alarm; Automatic pop up electric map and true voice alarm when alarming. Alarm while video lossing and lens covered;

13. Hardware Filter: Multi hardware filter and De-interlace function which reduce noise and enhance the image quality efficiently;

14. OSD Function: Support to add time/date format and fixed picture in video. Support to set mosaic area in video;

15. Water-mask Function: Support digital water-mask technology. To prevent date code from being modified;

16. Security: Support softdog;

17. WatchDog: Integrated dual CPU check circuit and intelligent hardware WatchDog, automatically checking host server working state and restoring automatically after system halt.

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