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We at Lonmore Consults Company, Ltd. , have available: D2, REBCO, SLCO, BLCO of Nigerian Crude, NAPHTHA, details as follows:

- 3 contracts for D2, and one contract for REBCO, contact us with ICPO.

- soft offer on REBCO: 100,000 MT per month not less 50,000 MT FOB ST. Petersburg
* discount 2.50 USD$
* Price Platt's Europeian marketscan
* payment LC
* deliver 12 months
* they need ICPO from the buyer

Along with this, we have:

1. FCO for SLCO, FOB, 120,000, 10,000 bbls/month . 36 month contract.
2. Contract for BLCO of Nigerian Origin
3. FCO for Venezualan Crude, 24 Million Barrels for twelve months
with rolls and extensions
4. 32,000,000 bbls. SLCO for 36 months.
5. Naphtha

Several of the above should be gone in less than 48 hours. So if you have interest, contact us asap.