Sell D2 ICPO

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Product Type: D2 (of Russian Origin)

Quantity: Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) Metric Ton  Monthly
for One (1) Year with rolls & extensions

Price: Per shipment - priced from Platts Oil Gram Price Report

Discount: USD Gross $20.00 and USD Net $17.00 Per Metric Ton to
Buyer as agreed and noted in Seller/Buyer Sales Contract

Basis: Platts Crude Oil Market wire

Delivery: As noted in Seller/Buyer Sales Contract and

Payment: Declining and a Monthly Letter of Credit from Buyers
Bank acceptable at sole option of Sellers Bank

Contract: To be accepted to, and executed by Seller and Buyer

Commissions: Paid from Buyer Side, USD $3.00 per Metric Ton shared in a manner equal to $1.00 USD your Group, $1.00 USD my Group, and $1.00 USD to Russian Intermediary Group (The Marlboro Man!)


Product : Russian D2 Gas Oil (L 0.2/62 GOST 305-82)

Quantity : 2.000.000M. T/ month X 12 months, with possible rolls and extensions.

Delivery : CIF-ASWP

Origin : RUSSIA

Price : FIXED, 287

Commission : USD 2,00 buyers group ( all brokers and buyers mandate) . Seller closed.

Inspection : SGS for Quantity and Quality paid, by the Seller.

Payment: FFRDLC/ 25% minimum funding, first 1/4 of annual contract. Rolls and extensions are permitted, price to be negotiated, starting with the 10th shipment for the following year.

Contract : 12 months with possible Rolls and Extensions.

Performance Bond: 2% Performance Bond


1. Product : Russian Gas Oil 0.2 /62

2. Origin : Russia

3. Quality Specification : GAS IL L-0,2-82 ( GOST 305-82)

4. Quantity : 500,000 MT Monthly

5. Delivery : CIF ASIAN SAFE PORT as Port agreed

6. Contract Period : Twelve(12) months and rollover up to Sixty(60) months.

7. Price : CIF of Russian Gas Oil 0.2/62 sold under the present contract, on The Conditions of loading port or discharge port (CIF) .
Loading at one berth only as mean of the means for Goods published on Platts Scan Marketwire of Russian Gas Oil L 0.2/62 under heading C. I. F port Novorrossisk Or Sevastopol of Russian Oil L 0.2/62, being in force for three days before Bill of Lading date, including date Bill Of Lading and day after Bill Of Lading date , issued in the discharge port (CIF) .

8. Price : Fixed USD$360.00 per MT
Discharge Port Of China USD$370.00 per MT

9. Term Of Payments : By Tariff taxes on transportation to Transneft by Irrevocable, Transferable , Divisible Documentary LC covering cost of 500,000MT Of Russian Gad Oil L 0.2/62

10. Performance Bond : 2%

We have a seller for D2 at a fixed price of Gross USD380/MT, Nett USD370/MT CIF ASWP by Irrevocable, Transferable / Non-transferable DLC.

Commission of USD10/MT is split 50/50 between buyer and seller side.

Seller side (closed) : USD5/MT
Buyer side: USD5/MT

Parties on the buyer side: Our group (One paymaster) + Groups on your side

Buyer must pay commissions, refinery doesn't pay commissions.

2% PB will be issued on nett price of USD370/MT

Buyer will be expected to issue a BCL on capacity for at least a 2 month shipment.

Operating Procedure :

1- Buyer issues LOI / ICPO with BCL on 2 month value contract from Major world bank
2- Seller issues Full Format Draft Contract and FCO
3- Buyer reviews / signs & seals the contract and return to seller
4- Seller also signs / seals the contract, and return 3 hard copies to Buyer
5- Both parties lodge the contract to the Bank
6- Buyer issues non-operative transferable OR non-transferable DLC and Seller provides POP bank to bank
7- Seller issues fully operative 2 % PB also by DLC
8- Delivery commence as per contract

The ICPO must clearly state:
1. A fixed price of Gross USD380/MT and nett USD370/MT.
2. 2% PB will be based on the price of USD370/MT.

The name in which the ICPO and BCL must be issued, as well as the BCL format required by the seller can be forwarded on acceptance of the above terms and conditions by the buyer.