One Time Sell D2 gas oil from Russian origin

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Dears Sirs,

we are able to offer as follows:

1. Product : Gas Oil D-2
2. Quantity : 12.000.000 +- 10% MT
3. Quality : by quality certificate
4. Origin : Russia
5. Base of delivery : will be agree with Buyer
6. Selling price : xx USD per MT (total value of the Contract is about the USD x 00 000 000.00. ) The price will depend of Platt publications.
7. Discount: 20 USD$ per one MT
8. Buyer`s Warrants: Confirmed, irrevocable, indivisible L. C. or The Bank Guarantee, (Advance Payment Bank Guarantee one of Top 100 World Bank) for first month delivery
9. Payment : Revolving DLC to cover the amount in US Dollars corresponding to the total one month-nominated quantity
10. Performance bond: 2%, two percent on the based LC.
11. Transaction place: in Sellers choice
12. Documents : standard for these goods

We have a prepared Contract from the Seller.

Kind regards
Rainer Husel
Supply Capacity