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Supports direct booting (without swapping) of Wii original and backup games from the same region as well as allowing to play games from different NTSC region on USA and JAP Wii and GC consoles.

Direct boot of Gamecube original and backup games from the same region. Partial region free support on Wii and GC original and backup games with different video mode (like PAL <-> USA <-> JAPAN)

Improved read settings for recordable media. Allows you to play isos from DVD-R, DVD R DVD -RW and for movies and GCOS you can use Dual-layer DVDs. True stealth mode - Does not modify RAM, making it virtually undetectable for the Wii Full command set emulation. Supports running GC games at Wii diskspeed improving the Load times for Game Cube titles. GameCube Audio streaming Fix. Supports full-size DVD and DVD9 discs for GC homebrew. Supports Nintendo Wii and GameCube multigame discs
Brand Name
d2ckey modchip
Available Colors
d2ckey ,wiikey,argon
Model Number
d2ckey modchips
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