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D2Pro. . . the modchip we have all been waiting for! D2pro is the latest and greatest D2C modchip for the Nintendo Wii. D2Pro in Australia will only work in consoles with serial number larger than LAH10216xxxx, it will not work on early release consoles. D2Pro is the natural successor of the D2Ckey modchip. ]

The main advantage that D2Pro has over D2Ckey is the lower wire count and the upgradability function. The wire count has gone from 31 wires down to only 15 wires (and additional 4 wires are required if you want region free gaming) . The upgradability feature may not be needed for a while, but upgradability is more for piece of mind that if Nintendo bring out new formats (like dual layer on SSBB) or try to block the modchip from running, all you need to do is flash your modchip to a newer firmware. The D2Pro is 100% upgradeable via a ribbon cable that can neatly hang out the back of your console. You will need a programmer to flash the D2pro, which will be released at a latter date. 100% upgradeable means they can totally change the firmware to a lower wire count if they figure it out, the only limitation is how active they are in supporting the modchip.

Why choose the D2pro over the other D2C modchips?
When compared to the D2Ckey it is better in the sense of a lower wire count and upgradability. How about the Argon? Well the slogan of the D2Pro is "No Nonsense". We are thinking this is a crack at the Infectus team for releasing an extremely buggy modchip on the market. It is true that Argon has been upgraded 4 or so times n the space of a month. . . but it is not getting updated for better features - it is being updated to do what it should have done on release. Advertised features never worked, and installers where stranded with programmer to update their modchip. Its part of the reason why this modchip will absolutely take off. Customers want stability, Installers want happy customers, and resellers want to sell something that does everything the spec list says!
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