Sell DAB FM Radio with built-in RDS Decoder and speaker

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1, DAB band III 174-240Mhz
2, DAB digital tuning (automatic setup)
3, Direct search of DAB station list
4, Autotune to scan DAB band III spectrum and create new station list of all available DAB stations currently broadcasting
5, Last station memory function
6, Band memory function
7, Signal strength for DAB to be shown as a bar chart like mobile phone, when signal is too low, DAB signal cuts off
8, Secondary service selection
9, Favorite station sorting selectable for users to access easier and quicker to frequent listened stations
10,5 preset stations
11, FM PLL tuning (87.5-108Mhz)
12, With RDS function can display TEXT or TIME/DATE info( suppose the radio stations have such signal)
13, Auto/Manual tuning
14, Mono and stereo switch
15,5 preset stations
16, Powered by AC/DC adaptor (DC output 9V, 1200 to 1500mA) , 4 D size batteries power backup ( not included)
17, High audio output by 2x5w speakers
18, External RCA L&R audio output
19, Stereo 3.5mm earphone jack output
20, Backlight 16x2 LCD display
21, Telescopic DAB and FM antenna
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3000 sets