Sell DAF Series Computerized Printing Slotter Die Cutting Machine

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Feature of the main machine:
1. Color touching screen Computerizd control and unlimited order store, rapid order changing, convenient operation and with humanity.
2. Adopting computerized control and electronic adjustments, adapting to utilizing habits of various clients and with convenient choice
3. Adopting strap foreside paper feed system, with stable high-speed operation and high accuracy
4. Having printing and slotting memory, auto zero adjustment and auto reset
5. Utilizing accurate ball bearing transmission in slotting and scoring interval , with stable operation and high precision.
6. Good quality alloy steel and rubbing process practiced in the main transmission gears prolong the utilizing span
7. Main electronic equipments are imported from abroad, with European quality standard

Model DAF1220 DAF1224 DAF1228
MAX. Machine Speed[PCS/min] 200 200 200
Economic Machine Speed[PCS/min] 80-160 80-160 80-160
Max. Printing[mm] 1200W2000 1200W2400 1200W2800
Max. Cardboard Size[mm] 1200W2050 1200W2450 1200W2850
Min. Cardboard Size[mm] 320W685 320W685 320W685
Skip Feed Paper Size[mm] 1200-1500W2050 1200-1500W2450 1200-1500W2850
Paper Feed Thickness[mm] 2-12 2-12 2-12
Paper Feed Precision[mm] 1 1 1 1 1 1
Printing Precision[mm] 1 0.5 1 0.5 1 0.5
Slotting Precision[mm] 1 1 1 1 1 1
Cutting Precision[mm] 1 1 1 1 1 1
Min. Slotting Interval[mm] 120 120 120
Max. Slotting Depth[mm] 320 320 320
Max. Paste Width[mm] 45 45 45

Configuration instructions:
Introducing strap foreside paper feed system developed by advanced technologhy from abroad, owing the intellectual property of itsown ad maintaining in time and conveniently
Based on the positioning traction from the foreside of the board, avoiding board bending to reduce the error of paper feed Vacuum suction assist paper feed to ensure stable highspeed operation and wind rate setting according to requirements
Front baffle can be manually adjusted, with scale on it, easily understood
Side bar can be computerized adjusted, with diital setting and pneumatic appliance
 The movement of post bar can be computerized adjusted, with digital setting and manual admustment of the scale
 Equiped with brush to sufficiently eliminate dust and scraps as well as foreign substances on the printing surface to improve printing quality
 Skip feed device with continuous feed or every other page feed options
 Widely used in variety of level 3,5 and 7, as well as Ecorrugated sheet
Standard metal steel reticulate roll chooses ceramic quality
Standard rubber reticulate roll chooses double scraper ink supply system
Quick plate-changing device makes fixing or removing convenient
International standard high-precision harmonic phasing device, PLCand touch-screen controlled 360 degree adjustment
Special planet gear design enables long service life
Equiped with auto braking device with braking device with braking mechanism to lock rotation ofpress plate roll and maintain the fixing point of original gears when the printing machine breaks away
With auto reset system after cleaning
Computerized digital axis adjustment, with adjustment distance of 20mm
Equipped with auto raising device on the reticulate rollseparated with the printing board when stopping feed paper
All the intervals adopt comuterized adjustment and digital setting
The surface of the steel drum is rubbed and chrome plated
After balanced of big frum, the operation is stable
Gluing shaft adopts auto movement equipment with movement distance 40mm
Adopting auto differential equipment to prolong the life of the gluing shaft
PLC, color touch-screen and control adopted cutting phase with adjustment by frequency variation
Special planet gear design enables long service life
Computerized digital axis adjustment, with adjustment distance of 20mm
All the intervals adopt computerized adjustment and digital setting
Double scoring wheel ensures the quality of the board and it is not easily damaged after pre-pressing
PLC, touch screen and motorized digital 360 degree adjustment adopted form slotting phase with adjustment by frequency variation
Special planet gear design enables long service life
7mm alloy steel scoring knives with indent heat treatment to enable grinding teeth sharp edge and high precision
Utilizing accurate ball bearing transmission, PLC and touch-screen control in slotting and scoring interval
Equipped with auto zero system, initial setting and memory reset functions
Having auto and manual cutting systems
With human conveniently operating interface, having 10.4inches color touch-screen controllin feed unit, printing unit slotting unit and cutting unit
PLC program control adopted for the whole unit
Speed control by frequency variation
Preset order
Fault indication for the whole unit convenient for the user's checkup
Completely imported electrical components
6. Piler:
Stripper arm can be operated in inching or automatic mode
Stripper arm belt to be independently adjusted for degree or tightness
Collection platform elevation to be driven by strong chains
Collection platfrom inclination height to be adjusted with the carton stack height and the elevation mator incorporating
Electric braking function to keep the platform stable
Stripper carrier acting afterward by carrying carboards with automatically stretching collection plate when the card-boards are stacked u to the preset height
Stacking height is 1600mm