Sell DB-2626 laser marking machine

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Adopt American imported encapsulation CO2 laser generator, with high speed scanner and extender focus system, high marking precision and fast speed.
Laser generator's highness can be adjusted, used conveniently, and it can be replaced by various lens.
Long continuous working time, excellent marking effect, with strong function software, can do all kinds of marking.
Fixed laser marking design, easy operation, perfect up and down exhaust air system, keep the machine working environment without infectants and working safely.


Widely applied in leather, jeans, weaving, plastic, scutcheon, package, arts and crafts, electronics, communication, timekeeper, glass, printing and decoration etc. Industries.
It could be used on leather, jeans, organic-glass, acrylic, woodwork, epoxy colophony, non-saturation colophony, glass ceramic, PCB board etc. Mass non-metal materials.

Main Technical Parameters

Model: DB-2626
Maximal laser average power: 30W\40W\50W\70W\100W\150W(for choice)
Marking scale: 100mm*100mm\175mm*175mm\210mm*210mm(Standard collocation) \260mm*260mm can select third-axis working table.
Digital control system: 5 inch LCD display, offline control system
Marking speed: <=7000mm/s
Repeating location: 0.001mm
Working table: Honeycomb working table
Power supply: 220V+10% / 50Hz
Standard collocation: 180W Exhaust fans