Sell DBA-200 Automatic Strapper

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Application:Automatic Strapper is easy to use, only place the product onto the working platform and press the operating switch (or switch to manual mode by the pedal switch) , then all the procedures will be done.
Technical Features:Automatic Strapper utilized brass tape guide roller to replace the plastic one, in order to solve the abrasion of the tape guide roller and PP tape locking problem. Cut knives are used hardened steel, to raise the cutting power and make the cut knives more durable. The shells of the machine adopt unit composing design, that the arc rack dimension can be adjusted for the products. Paller Strapping have high tension reach 80kg force able to feed, frap, adhesive and cut automatically, can be operated PP and PET strap compatible.
Model DBA-200
Strapping speed (second/strap) 0.8 second/strap
Maxi shrinking force 80kg
Max Packager size (mm) W850WH600
Min Packager size (mm) W100WH30
Width of PP tape (mm) 9, 10, 12, 15, 18mm
Source voltage (v) 1Phase and three wire system: 220v/50Hz
Power (kw/h) 0.85kwh
Dimensions (mm) L1400WW600WH1540
Net Weight (kg) 200kg