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DBESY has high boiling point, low toxicity and temperate smell, may substitute the isophorone and the glycol ether chclohexanone; it has great compatibility with the polyurethane resin, the acrylic resin, the polyester resin, the epoxy resin and so on; it is a very good flow modifier, also has the ultra strong dissolving power (to have name of the multi-purpose solvent) , therefore it is one kind of environmental protection cleanser and paint remover, also it is widely used in the automobile patching paint, coating (coil coating, can lacquer, electric appliance and metal coating and so on) , latex paint'sfilm former and so on. Quality Standard: Index Name Standard Index Name Standard
Ester Content%>= 99.0 Appearance colorless transparent liquid
Moisture Content%<= 0.3 Color No. (APHA) <= 15
Methanol Content%<= 0.2 viscosity: 25 0 , cps 2.4
Density( 20 0 g/ml) 1.080-1.096 refractive index: (20 0 ) 1.4180
Acid Number (mgKOH/g) 0.3 Distillation Range 0 195-230
Packaging of Products: Metal drum, 220kg net weight each drum.