Sell DC 0.2-7.5KW Brush Electric Vehicle Controller

DC 0.2-7.5KW Brush Electric Vehicle Controller You May Also Be Interested In: electric boats electric vehicle electric vehicle controller
Our electronic pulse-width modulated (PWM) controller that includes low voltage battery protection, peak amperage protection, maximum speed protection, and stall protection.
we have some different box configuration, and if you have adequate quantity demands, we can offer the box configuration according to your requirement.
DC Brush Electric Vehicle Controller,24V-120V DC,10-300A Peak, Power 0.25-15KW, with good performance of strike against and water protection , size of outline,120-250 W 90 W 50mm.
We produce all types of controller and converter for electric vehicles (EV) and electric boats(EB) , detailed info and offer, please contact us.
price list; 24V DC 60A cont, 120A Peak

48V DC 1.5KW cont 100A, Peak, Price:$75.00USD
48V DC 2.2KW cont 120A, Peak , Price:$110.00USD
48V DC 3KW cont 180A, Peak , Price:$150.00USD
48V DC 5KW cont 300A, Peak, Price:$250.00USD
60V DC 2.2KW cont 100A, Peak, Price:$110.00USD
60V2.5KW120A, Peak, Price:$125.00USD
60V3.5KW180A, Peak , Price:$175.00USD
60V6.5KW300A, Peak, Price:$325.00USD
72V2.5KW100A, Price:$125.00USD
72V3KW120A, Price:$150.00USD
72V4.5KW180A, Price:$225.00USD,
72V7.5KW300A, Price:$375.00USD,

Quantity Price Each
Above is a price of quantity at 1-9 .
Quantity in 10-99 W 80%= price.
Quantity in 100-999 W 70%= price.