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KXC1 series DC contactors (i. e. Contactors) is the brand-new high technology product that hold independent intelligent property right of YKX Co. , Ltd, rated current from 3A to 100A, among 3A and 10A have 4- 8 pairs of main contact, no auxiliary contact, above 25A have 2 pairs main contact,1- 2 pairs auxiliary contact of normal close,2 to 3 pairs auxiliary contact of normal open, above 25A loop adopt double coil winding, include starting coil winding and sustain coil winding , sustain coil winding through by normal shut connect point switching of a pair auxiliary contact. YKXC1 Series DC Contactors innovative use permanence magnetic quench arc technology, effective solution the key problem for critical breaking diffcult of traditional contactor and breaking limit current excessive fray contact. Product to use by industry of electric power, traffic, telecom etc , it proving: stabilization and reliable performance , small volume, it establish steadily foundation for electric power facility home miniaturization for the country .
Condition of Goods
Power Requirements
50/60 hz