DC-DC ISOLATED CONVERTERS You May Also Be Interested In: dc dc converters dc/dc converters
Output power range: 3W-700W
Output voltage range: 1.0V-48V
Maximum output currents: 60A
Single to Quad output
Input voltage range: 4.5V-400V
Industry standard package and pin
Product Photo Product series Output Power Output Voltage Max. Current Input Voltage Vin Range Size Outputs
DIL3~5W 3-5W 3.3-30V 1.5A 4.5-72V 2:1 31.8W20.4W10.7mm Sigle, Dual
SF-10~15W 5-15W 3-48V 3A 4.5-140V 2:1 50.8W25.4W11.0mm Sigle, Dual
SFQ-10W 10W 3.3-15V 3A 18-75V 4:1 50.8W25.4W12.7mm Sigle
SFA-15W 10-15W 3.3-12V 3A 36-72V 2:1 41.9W37.1W10.7mm Sigle
SF-20W 16.5-20W 3-24V 6A 9-140V 2:1 50.8W40.6W12.7mm Sigle, Dual
SFQ-20W 20W 3-24V 6A 18-75V 4:1 50.8W40.6W12.7mm Sigle, Dual
SFW-15~30W 15-30W 4.5-13V 5A 18-72V 4:1 50.8W50.8W12.7mm Sigle, Triple
SF-25~40W 15-40W 3-24V 7.5A 9-72V 2:1 50.8W50.8W12.7mm Sigle, Dual, Triple
SF-25WD 25W 1.8-5.5V 6A 36-72V 2:1 50.8W50.8W12.7mm Dual
SF-30W 30W 70-96V 0.43A 36-72V 2:1 50.8W50.8W12.7mm Sigle
SFN-30W 30W 4.5-13.2V 6A 18-72V 2:1 50.8W50.8W12.7mm Sigle
SR-13~40W 13-40W 2.5-5.5V 10A 18-72V 2:1 50.8W50.8W12.7mm Sigle
ESR15/20 27-66W 1.5-3.6V 20A 36-72V 2:1 57.9W22.8W9.6mm Sigel, Eighth-Brick
ESR06 32-72W 7.2-13.2V 6A 36-75V 2:1 57.9W22.8W9.8mm Sigle, Eighth-Brick
QSR15/20 42-48W 1.0-3.33V 12A 36-72V 2:1 56.4W36.8W11.0mm Dual, Quarter-Brick
QSR05/12 60W 4.5-13.2V 6A 36-72V 2:1 56.4W36.8W12.7mm Dual, Quarter-Brick
QSR25/30 72-100W 1.5-5V 15A 36-75V 2:1 58.4W36.8W11.0mm Dual, Quarter-Brick
QSR15/25 27-100W 1.5-5.5V 25A 18-75V 2:1 57.9W36.8W11.0mm Sigle, Quarter-Brick
HC-30W 20-30W 2.5-5.5V 8A 36-72V 2:1 61.0W57.9W12.7mm Sigle, Half-Brick
HC-30WD 20-30W 2.5-5.5V 6A 36-72V 2:1 61.0W57.9W12.7mm Dual, Half-Brick
HC-50W 30-50W 2.5-22V 12A 18-72V 2:1 61.0W57.9W12.7mm Sigle, Half-Brick
HSR-75WD 45-75W 1.8-5.5V 15A 18-72V 2:1 61.0W57.9W12.7mm Dual, Half-Brick
HSR15 75W 3-5.5V 15A 36-72V 2:1 61.0W58.4W10.5mm Dual, Half-Brick
HDR-75WD 75W 10.8-16.5V 6A 36-72V 2:1 61.0W57.9W12.7mm Dual, Half-Brick
HSR-50~150W 33-150W 2.5-5.5V 30A 18-72V 2:1 61.0W57.9W12.7mm Sigle, Half-Brick
HDR-50~150W 50-150W 8.1-52.8V 13A 18-72V 2:1 61.0W57.9W12.7mm Sigle, Half-Brick
HSR-200W 133-200W 3-5.5V 40A 36-72V 2:1 61.0W57.9W12.7mm Sigle, Half-Brick
HDR-300W 300W 19.2-30.8V 12.5A 36-72V 2:1 61.0W57.9W12.7mm Sigle, Half-Brick
FVR-150W 150W 10.8-26.4V 12.5A 66-160V 2.4:1 116.8W61.0W12.7mm Sigle, Full-Brick
FSR-200~300W 200-300W 3-5.5V 60A 36-72V 2:1 116.8W61.0W13.3mm Sigle, Full-Brick
FDR-300W 300W 10.8-30.8V 25A 18-72V 2:1 116.8W61.0W13.3mm Sigle, Full-Brick
FDR-500~700W 500-700W 16.8-30.8V 25A 36-76V 2:1 116.8W61.0W12.7mm Sigle, Full-Brick
HAB-300W 300W 24-48V 12.5A 200-400V 2:1 86.0W83.0W12.7mm Sigle, High Voltage Input
HAB-150W 150W 15-28V 10A 200-400V 2:1 86.0W72.0W12.7mm Sigle , High Voltage Input
Fixed input voltage 1~5W power 1-5W 5-48V 0.5A 4.75-25.2V 15% 25.4W25.4W11.0mm Sigle, Dual, Triple
WR-6W 6W 5-24V 1.2A 4.5-72V 2:1 50.8W50.8W11.0mm Sigle, Dual, Triple
AC-100W 100W 4.5-13.2V 20A 36-72V 2:1 86.0W62.0W12.7mm Sigle
TAB-150W 150W 4.5-5.5V 30A 36-72V 2:1 86.0W72.0W12.7mm Sigle
DR-150W 150W 4.5-5.5V 24A 36-72V 2:1 139.2W88.7W23.6mm Dual