Sell DC Inverter Type Domestic Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

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1. DC inverter technology: DC inverter compressor motor, DC inverter fan motor. The compressor motor can adjust its capacity automatically. When the water is heated to the set temperature, the compressor adjusts its power and runs with low capacity. DC inverter compressor motor prevents compressor damage caused by high temperature.
2. More effective: when heating, the unit running with full capacity can heat the water to set temperature quickly. When the water reaches the set temperature, the compressor adjusts its capacity to a very low level to maintain the temperature. The evaporator of DVT○ R heat pump water heater has unique inner screw thread and hydrophilic film which can enlarge heat exchanging area thus improve efficiency. Moreover, bellmouth at the ventilation hole accelerates the flowing speed of the air in the unit and improves heat-exchanging efficiency.
3. Precise temperature control: Due to DC inverter technology, DVT○ R domestic heat pump water heater can control the water temperature more precisely.
4. Energy saving: most time the unit is running with low capacity to keep the water temperature. It costs much less than any other water heater does.
5. Good reliability: water and electricity are completely separated. No electric shock. The technicians of DVT are full of sense of responsibility. They test every component and examine every step of production. Each DVT○ R domestic water heater is strictly examined before packing.