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LK1502DD DC Power Supply
ROC1502A( the form head show) , ROC1502D( the arithmetic figure show) Type series power supply, stabilize the power supply for high accuracy direct current, and adopt the close type to keep to establish the electric circuit, and keep to establish the electric current from 0.6 As call to the mark worth the consecution is adjustable, and it have keep to establish the speed quick, to the short circuit that power supply and negative cut with over the electric current can on time take into keep to establish. That power supply return just for cellular phone and the BB machine maintained to provide five kinds of electric voltages to output file to hand and the BB machine extremely maintained to provide convenient special function. This power supply the characteristics is high for accuracy, and the dependable sex is strong, and be applicable to the technology product the development, laboratory. The electronics production line wait the aspect's usage.
Technological parameters:
Output the electric voltage scope:0-15 V
Output the electric current scop:0-2 A
Electric voltage, electric current manifestation:The A shows for form head, the D show for arithmetic figure
Show the accuracy:The form head shows to (plus or minus) 2.5%, the arithmetic figure show to (plus or minus) 1%1 word
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