Sell DC Rolling Door Motor

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QL-DC24-A Direct Current Rolling Door Motor is the new latest model
developed by our company. This product is adapted many patents and
techniques, easy installation, reliable operation. This product is
suitable for the automatic rolling door, office, shops and hospitals.
1) Remote control function: up/stop, down/stop, stop/lock, unlock.
2) Manual control function: up/stop, down/stop.
3) Storage power: If the power supply is steady, the motor is driven
by AC220V and transferred into DC24V, In the absence of power supply,
the storage power can supply power and DC24V rolling door motor can be
operated about 20 times.
4) Low-Voltage Alarm: When storage power is less than 18V?.5V, It can
be alarmed automatically.
1) Good design, advanced structure, strong power.
2) Easy installation, Long service life.
3) Low noise, Small power wastage, little vibration.
4) Remote control.
5) Supply reserved power equipment, In the absence of power, the users
can also operate the motors.
6) The battery is 4Ah/12