Sell DC Solar Home power systems

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Main Functions:
Solar Home Power System are widely used in remote pasturing and moutainous areas, fishing boats, field working, etc. They are featured in energy-saving, environmental protection, portability, and attractive appearance, etc. All the key components have been passed the inspections of WORLD BANK/GEF
1. Poly crystalline 40w solar module
2. One set radio-recorder (which is built in ABS battery case)
3. Two DC 7W fluorescent lamps.
4. Intelligent PWM solar charge controller 12V 10/5A(which is built in ABS battery case)
5. Maintain-free battery:12V 40Ah
6. ABS plastic battery case (nice color, solid, anti-rustily)
6. Cable, wire, lamp holder etc. accessories
Application:2 dc 7w/9w lamps working 8-10hr/day or the radio-recorder working 8hr/day(Normally for 2 cloudy days)