Sell DD862 DD28 Single Phase Kilowatt Hour Meter (Power Meter)

DD862 DD28 Single Phase Kilowatt Hour Meter (Power Meter) You May Also Be Interested In: induction meter kilowatt hour meter kilowatt meter magnetic bearing single phase kilowatt hour meter
DD862 single-phase meter is a induction meter to measure single phase power at rated frequency 50HZ/60HZ, rated voltage220/240V. The Ambient temperature is 15~500, relative humidity below 85% at 230.

Main Feature:
Double jewel bearing/Magnetic bearing 6 digital
Cyclometer type register
Uni-direction register
ABS, Polycarbonate, Aluminum alloy cover available

Technial Specification:
Rated Voltage: 220V, 230V, 240V
Accuracy: 2.0
Rated Current: 1.5(6) A, 2.5(10) A, 3(6) A, 3(12) A, 5(10) A, 5(20) A, 10(20) A, 10(30) A, 10(40) A, 10(50) A, 10(50) A, 10(60) A, 15(60) A, 20(40) A, 20(60) A, 20(80) A,30(100) A