Sell DDS22(C) Single Phase Electronic Meter

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General Introduction:
Adopting special large-scale integrated circuit and manufactured with advanced SMT process of reliable structure, stable function, high precision, high overload, excellent linearity, excellent property against tamper and fraud. It measures the energy of 50Hz single-phase AC power.
Functions and Characteristics:
The meter adopts special anti-magnet impulse meter reading mechanical register to prevent strong disturbance form external AC, DC magnetic field.
Flat error curve, stable for temperature and time, and reliable.
To cumulate both direct and reverse energy, prevent tamper of reversal of lines.
The meter can also prevent U ring short circuit and other tampers.
Anti-tamper in condition that load is connected between the line and the earth
Distant-motion-width-determination pulse output and multifunctional output ports
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30 days
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