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The princess of scaler, SS-340, developed at Yimei parent laboratory, manufactured at the Shenshi plant, State-of-the-art technology combination APCS&ILF&UIDS$ ARPF (Automatic Power Compensation) & (Intelligent Light Feedback) & (Unique Irrigate Delivery System) & (Automatic Restoration after Power Failure) and outstanding quality make them the perfect instruments of choice.

Main Features:

 Simple, elegant design.
 The cord could be easily separated and replaced from unit and handpiece
 Metal connects metal, no leakage, no crack
 APCS results in more comforts and safety both for you and your patients
 ARPF according to European Medical Device Directive
 UIDS keeps handpiece constantly cool
 ILF let you keep track of scaling conditions

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Other Charactistics:

 Power Supply: AC 120V or 230V 50/60 Hz
 Frequency: 30.5 KHz
 Scaling tips supplied: 4
 Water Consumption: 5 -50 cc/min
 Weight: 4 KG
 Dimensions: 19cmx14cmx6cm
 Foot pedal: 107
 Patents: ZL00232419.9 ZL00232417.7 ZL00232471.7
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