Sell DEP(C7H13N) ; CAS. NO. : 4079-68-9

DEP(C7H13N) ; CAS. NO. : 4079-68-9 You May Also Be Interested In: leveling agent

Chemical name: diethylaminopropyne
CAS. NO. : 4079-68-9
Assay: 95%(min. )
Appearance: colorless to yellowish transparent liquid
PH value: approx. 7
Solubility: insoluble in water and soluble in acid
Density(200C) : 0.80-0.82
Level of addition: 1-10(mg/l)
Consumption: 1.5(g/KAH)
Application: brightener and strong leveling agent for nickel plating
Characteristics: As insoluble in water, it must be reacted with acid, and then be used in the bath.