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Desiccated coconut is made from finest quality fresh Indonesian coconut. The fresh meats are carefully dehydrated to retain the full natural flavor and white color. During processing of the coconut, nothing is added and only the moisture is removed.
Desiccated Coconut powder is a free flowing white powder made from pasteurized, homogenized and spray dried natural extract of coconut kernel.
This product as usual for use in making curry, bakery, confectionery, ice cream, drinks and many more.
Desiccated Coconut products have has two grade that is Fine Grade and Medium Grade with the specification contents as appended hereunder, :
1: Desiccated Coconut Powder fine grade
Specifications :
- Oil content 60 - 65% Minimum;
- Fat Content 63% - 65% Minimum
- Fatty Acid Free 0.3%max
- Moisture 3. % Max
- Color: White (Special of Product)
- Salmonella: Negative
- E. coli: Negative

2. Desiccated Coconut Powder Medium Grade

Standard plate count: 5,000 col/gr max
Enterobacteriaceae: 100 col/gr max
Mould& yeast: 100 col/gr max
Staphylococcus (coagulate positive) : 100 col/gr max
Salmonella: Not detect
E. coli: Negative
Moisture: 3% max
Oil content: 67.0-71 %( d. B)
Fat Content 66% - 69%
Free fatty acid (FFA) :0. 15 % as oleic Acid max
Ph: 6.1 - 7.1
Color: Natural white
Flavor: Milk& sweet with no off flavor

Packing in 50 kgs triple PP Bags with inner plastic
Payment Terms:
- 30% Cash in advance upon signing the contract;
- 70% by At Sight L/C
Delivery 4 weeks
Origin: Indonesia

We most happy if could to arrange the freight from your side.

Please do not hesitate contact to us if you need to negotiate.