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Deutz (Deutz) is the world first internal combustion engine's plant, belongs to one of world first-class diesel engine manufacture manufacturers, founded in 1864, its headquarters located at the German Cologne, the production base were located at Germany's Cologne, Woermu, Hultz to do obeisance places separately such as tribulus and Mannheim.

The Deutz company produces the engine, the power range is broad, from 4kW to 7600kW, including forced-air cooling diesel engine, water cooling diesel engine, gas engine. And the forced-air cooling diesel oil feels cold the motive is the similar trump card product.

The structural design is compact, the use maintenance is convenient

The forced-air cooling diesel engine for the air direct forced cooling, does not have parts and so on water pump, water pipe, water tank, the cylinder body and the cylinder cover is the fission type, non-cooling water band. The structure is simple, the volume is small, the weight is light. Does not have the water leakage, to crack as a result of freezing and to form the boiler scale to cause the kerosene engine overheated to present the breakdown, simplified the service maintenance greatly
Works, the noise low, to vibrate, the low temperature starting ability steadily to be good slightly

Has used the optimization design absorption of shock organism, the advanced noise elimination and the balancing technique, causes the noise and the vibration is lower than the water cooling machine. The engine built-in air heater, causes the engine low temperature starting ability to be remarkable.

The exhaust gas discharge are few, the operating cost is low
Discharging fume is smaller than 1 Bosch the unit, the oil consumption is low.
The outward appearance is exquisite
The precise industrial design, the contour purification is exquisite
Global approval

Goods supply standard layout
>The diesel engine (belt complete appendix, three filter, electrical system)
>Not brushes the alternator
>Steel structure foundation
>strong fan cooling system
>flange plate junction box
>12V/24V starting motor
>and charge electrical machinery air cleaner,
>diesel oil filter, oil filter aircraft-borne -like control screen MCCB air conservation switch
>12V/24V start storage battery
>battery cable unit shock absorber industrial used highly effective damper stochastic >technical paper Engine source area proof
>Unit user's manual Engine user's manual
>Generator user's manual
>Unit test report
>Product certificate
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity