Sell DFJ-1100 paper sheeting machine

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DFJ-1100 Semi-Automatic Sheeting Machine
The main technical parameter and specification:
1, Max. material width: 1100mm
2, Max. unwinding Diameter: 1500mm
3, Reel core dia:76mm(3 inch) and one set of 6 inch shaft core washer
4, Workable paper thickness:70-500gsm
5, Air Automatic Loading & Unloading System
6, Photocell Tracking system
7, PLC Touch Screen Control
8, The unwinding stand adopts Magnetic Powder Brake : 10kg/m2
9, Tension Controller system
10, Adopt round cutter to delete waste edge, and air blower to blow out
11, Feeding Speed: (Frequency inverter 1.5kw, Inovance) 80m/min
12, Press roller and dance roller adopt pneumatic system, and air compressor is 1.5Kw
13, Adopt Servo Motor:2.2kw
14, High precision round cutter to slit (5 pieces) and the slitting interval can adjustable
15, Adopt full computer control system(the sheeting length, machine speed and counting pieces all can be setup on the control panel directly, when it get the value the machine will alarm automatically)
16, Cutting Length: 20-----1999mm
17, Working Times: 20----120times/min
18, Precision: <=10.2mm
19, At the end of sheeting stand there is a collection table to collect the paper manually