Sell DHA Capsule

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[Effective component]
 Type of B: DHA 6065% EPA 913% total content =70%;

[Main effect]
 improve memory, make brain healthy;
 Promote brain cell metabolism;
 Supply DHA that the brain development needs;

After the technology of saponification, esterification and purification of five-step molecule distillation, the refine fish oil of high-quality was made into fatty acid ethyl fish oil with different yellowish. then made into hongyangshen DHA capsule. The whole course time to process finished product is controled within 24 hours, it keep the effective component of fish oil strictly and the fresh of the content. Its effective composition is higher, ratio of DHA and EPA is up to 5:1, this product is belong to the ester-soluble things and apt to be absorbed by the human body.

This product is suitable for most persons, and more suitable for teenagers student, it is proved by pathology test and take for a long time, the component of DHA is a essential fatty acid in constituting brain phosphatide, it exist in grey matter, white matter and nerve fiber of the human brain largely. It acts a key role in the brain cell protuberance, extend, form nettedly, and the tissue increases. It has the function of making brain healthy, improving or strengthening memory, nourishing and protecting the retina, strengthening eyesight and preventing the amblyopia, making eye bright, relieving the tire of eye, preventing the artery sclerosis of fundus of eyes.

According to the relevant requests of national Ministry of Public Health, it must be above 2.5:1 of DHA: EPA to meet teenagers take. After the studying meticulously by HongYangShen experts, the total content of DHA , EPA up to 70%, the ratio of DHA and EPA more than 4:1, it can supply DHA that brain need fully, promote cranial nerve health development, improve teenagers' memory, strengthen the thinking agility, improve learning efficiency and improve eyesight of younger.

 Batching : Refined ethyl fish oil, vitamin E;
 Suitable crowds: Students and brain workers;
 Unsuitable crowds: the person who is apt to bleed and the person who suffer of Cerebral hemorrhage;
 term of validity: 24 months;
 storage: Low temperature , photophobic , seal with nitrogen filled;
 Dosage and Administration: Three times a day, 1-2 each time, eat with warm water.