Sell DHC Disk Centrifuge

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Main Features
This machine has strong separation ability, and separation factor is between 5000-9500. The max throughput is 10 m3/h, and the mobility is strong, convenient in maintenance. It can be operated automatically or manually and also automatically in the long distance.

Main Purposes
Its mainly used for liquid-liquid-solid separation which its solid content is 1-15% and the diameter of the solid is beyond 0.55m. For example, separating vegetable oil, animal oil, fish oil, cream oil, crude oil, raw oil and lubricating oil etc, clarifying dairy product, juice, medicine, bacterin, mycelium, glucose, trypsin, bacteriophage and vitamin. separate beer and zymotic fluid . It can be used in clarifying zincification liquid, aluminum sulfate solution, PVC, polyprpylene, polythene, reclaiming silver of processing film, catalyzer and magnetic iron ore, and seperating solvent in dry cleaning or chemical industry, miscible liquids with tar and water etc.