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[Synonyms]: Sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate; Disodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate
[Chemical formula]: Na2HPO4 12H2O
[Molecular weight]: 358.14
[Properties]: White or colorless, crystal free flowing solid, effloresce in air, soluble in water easily, relative density is 1.63, melting point is 34.6 .
[Uses]: Used as boiler water softener; treatment of leather and fabrics to increase weight; flame retardant for fabrics, wood and paper in dyeing; culture medium for biochemical treatment; raw material for production of sodium pyrophosphate and other phosphates.
[Standard executed]: HG/T2965-2000

Main content(as Na2HPO412H2O) min97.0
Sulfate(as SO42) max0.7
Chloride (as Cl) max0.05
PH 9.010.2
Water insoluble max0.05

[Packing]: Plastic knit bag, Net weight 25 kg