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Nature: white powder, with specific gravity 6.94, indissoluble to water and all organic solvent, dissoluble to hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. It will become black at the temperature of about 2000, yellow at 4500. It is sweet and poisonous.

Spec: ministry standard HG233992

Project Index
Oxidize the lead content % 88-91
Inferior phosphoric acid % 10-12
Moisture <=0.4
Thin degree (200 eyes tail over the thing ) % <=0.4

Function: As the PVC heat stabilizer, with outstanding climate-assistant, Resist oxygen and ultraviolet absorption ability, good heat stability and insulation performance, the product is used for nontransparent hard and soft products, outdoor cable, board for construction material, atypical material, pipe and other PVC products.


1. Packed in 25 Kilo plastic weaving bag and the film bag-lining.
2. Please note the package shall not be broken. Anti-humidity and anti-burning.