DIGITAL QURAN ( BC4 ) You May Also Be Interested In: french translation translation in english translation into english
Digital Quran displays the entire Arabic text of the Holy QURAN, sequentially or selectively. You can read the text and hear the recitation on a built-in speaker or your headphones Almost 28 hours worth of non-stop Quran recitation in high quality sound with accompanying English, Urdu and French Translation:
-Full Holy Quran (114 Surahs)
-High Quality Voice Audio.
-Translation in English, French & Urdu
-Easy and fast jump to any Verse of any Surah
-Built-in speaker
-Back-light for night use.
-Built in DC Adapter jack
-Holy Quran text in Uthmanic font
-Surah and Verse number will be saved even after shutdown.
-The voice of Shaikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais and Shaikh Saoud (Imams of Mecca)
USD32 /unit Minimum Order Quantity:2000
Minimum Order Quantity