Sell DIN/JIS/ISO/GB/ANSI screws bolts and nuts!

DIN/JIS/ISO/GB/ANSI  screws bolts and nuts! You May Also Be Interested In: ansi bolts ansi screws bolts & nuts bolts nuts torshear type
Zhejiang Zeen Fasteners Co. , Ltd. , located in the south-east of China, is specialized in the manufacturing of high strength bolts with hexagon head, high strength large hexagon nuts, torshear type high strength bolts and high strength plain washers for steel structure.

Our products are made strictly in accordance with the following standards: DIN, ISO, ANSI, JIS, AS, NF and GB/T. Their strength grades reach 4.8 to 12.9 and the strength grades of steel structure reach 8.8S to 10.9S. Our products are widely used in metallic construction projects such as Shanghai Lupu great bridge and Beijing Morgan Great Building (48 layers) , and even in nuclear engineering project. We also produce high strength bolt for joints of space grid structure, cheese head stud for stud welding and other off-standard bolts.
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