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Specifications: This is a single use endoscope biopsy forcep. Two action cups are effective for biopsy of tract and cavity organs. Product is already ce& FDA registered. These can come in a plain white package ready for private labeling. Finished products are also available.

There are 3 sizes. 160cm, 180cm, and 230cm.

Components: Surgical grade steel and ABS

Usage: For purpose of taking tissue samples from stomach and duodenum with gastrointestinal endoscopes having channel sizes of 2. 8mm and 3. 2mm.

Features: The material of mtn-ht single-use endoscope biopsy forceps has no toxicity side-effect to patients. In the operation procedure of the forceps, the flexible outward sheath of biopsy eases insertion and comply the tortuous ducts in human body. The forceps can insert to stomach and duodenum with the introduction of endoscope. In order to eliminate cross-infection caused by reuse, the handle of biopsy has self-locked structure. The maximum use time of this handle is eight, including trail operation.